Cybernetic SubAssemblies ("🤖 Robot Parts") & Mechatronic systems ("Robot Kits")

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Creators of the🌱GrowPotBot Indoor Garden Appliance

About us

Elastic Ventures, Inc. a California S Corp was established in 2014 to support former clients to settle accounts; and receive residual payments from an earlier dot-com of Brian "B" Horakh the Founder. EV's mission was to try and locate opportunities ("Business Hacks") that could use emerging disruptive technologies to exploit opportunities in emerging and emerging-adjacent markets.

The business plan (broadly): figure out something that will absolutely exist in the future and build THAT. Only Ideas that are really easy to explain (sell), possible to build, and can generate enough sales (with only a small agile team) to someday trigger a squillion dollar valuation and acquisition of our agile crew of industry disrupting pirates. |

Since 2015; The EV team has been "Unicorn Hunting" and taking various consulting gigs and travelling around the world (over 40 countries) studying all the latest business and technology trends and organizational jibberjabber theory. After 4 years along with hundreds of fast-failed business plans searching for an illusive "liquid oxygen" idea that could be combined with our "spark" to make an explosive BOOM! Now - if you draw a Venn diagram with circles for Robotics, AI, Food, Cannabis Medicine; that business opportunity in the center where all the circles touch -- that's the bullseye mark for our first service robotics kit "GrowPotBot". |

We see our core business as designing cybernetic sub-assemblies (smart robot parts; or CSA's) using integrated manufacturing to embed data & low voltage power wires (or traces; if you prefer) pre-integrated into unified electrokinetic path for both motion and signal. CSA's are the kind of advanced parts you'd expect to find in an ironman suit; but can't seem to pickup at your local hardware store or online electronics retailer. Even searching for these types of parts is quite difficult since products are organized by industry model #'s, not capabilities or possible applications. We believe EV CSA's with electromechanical integrated design features (smart mechatronics) will be the guts and core of tomorrows residential and lightweight industrial service robotics.

EV plans to manufacture and sell parts for our own robots; and kits; making it easier for us and others like us to build awesome Unicorn-esque industry disrupting projects. There's going to be a lot of change coming; and what we'd like to do is make a distribution channel for affordable and reliable robotic components (*with pre-trained ML data-models, CAD models, and some embedded signal rectifying circuit logic);

Let us tell you; in the present moment - sourcing parts for Robots is actually really hard and complicated; and EV would like to make it easier to plan, source, assemble and safely test those in the future. A lot more about this is explained on the Services || Harmonized Manufacturing Ltd. section of our website if you're interested.

The Team

Brian Horakh

Fearless Leader

Fullstack Developer & Mechatronic Engineer

Melbourne, Australia

Fabio Chechin

Sales Viking

Digital Nomad

#Airstream, USA

Margaret Woodfield

Operations Yogi

Digital Nomad

#Airstream, USA

Specialists & Advisers

Colin Hankins

Electronics Wizard

PCB, VLSI, signal processing

San Diego, California USA

Dvizma Sinha

Electronics Wizard

Prototype Design Review


Tamara Hartenthaler

Innovation Consultant

#ops Documentation

Digital Nomad

Jay Shore

Cannabis & CBD Markets

710decibel promotions

San Diego, California USA


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#Human Careers

Are you a smart #human? do you like robots? Does the idea of cybernetic electrokinetic sub-assemblies get your gears lubricated and motor running? Are your batteries inductively charged by being a on a winning team? What are you amazing at and passionate about? What have you studied? Do you have a sense of humor?

Would you like a front-row seat in the amazing things that will happen in cybernetics (artificial intelligence and robotics) in the near future? Are you that special blend of entrepeneural, savvy and determined individual who we can depend on? Are you organized enough to succeed and thrive in macro-mangaged "goal oriented" environment? If you answered "Yes"; to all our questions then let's chat, we're passionate about finding and caring for our #human people so they can be the best!

For #humans EV offers a globally distributed asychrnonous timezone agnostic workforce; perks like family & pet health insurance reimbursements, and worldwide logistics support "family" of #stayathome and #workanywhere #remotefirst #digitalnomad type lifestyles. We embrace a shared world culture "ubuntu"; and celebrate all the major worldwide holidays with an unlimited vacation policy. In return we expect all people to be the best in their respective position; meet goals in terms of quantity, accuracy and effectiveness. #Funfund & ESOP early employee equity contribution bonuses w/long term profit sharing and a employment roadmap toward "fellowship" tenured advisory positions available after 5 years. (Assuming we decide not to be acquired for a squillion dollars).


Send an email to; include hash tag #human in the subject. Or send it on social media; let's be #human friends. Please tag #elasticventures on Instagram!

EV knows smart #human people come in all genders, geographies, shapes, sizes, colors, and internal wiring diagrams. EV operates an LGBTIQE friendly "use whatever bathroom you want; just wash your hands" kind of environment; it is our goal to recruit diverse individuals who are (or will become) subject matter experts in their field of practice.

❤️Charity: the #Ubuntu Policy

Elastic.Ventures has an internal directive we call "#ubuntu". A minimum of 10% of our gross (before tax) revenue is earmarked to be donated to the wonderful open source projects, online educational content producers which make what we do possible or better. 1/3rd of those #ubuntu funds will be set aside for organizations that make the entire world a better, cleaner, safer and more humane place for all sentient creatures regardless of their internal wiring.

We feel other companies should commit to practices like this to support the amazing vibrant eco-system and encourage further innovation.

EV also offer discounts to public K-12 and universities special prices on cannabis restricted models; and plan to offer both incubators & robotics schools (online and offline) student discounts on certain educational kits. This will be done either direct or through coupon/discount of our preferred retail distribution partners (such as Target and Walmart) We are co-developing curriculum on these topics to assist teachers as well.

Please email if you are interested!


The Indoor Garden Appliance

A residential "smart" (sensor integrated) cloud-monitored aeroponics appliance.

GrowPotBot in both present and future versions will usher in a new industry of urban indoor farming & gardening. Helping humans minimize and correct the effects of climate change as it pertains to their food quality & selection, medicine availability, and pocket-book integrity. The GrowPotbot residential gardening appliance employs a closed-loop neural network monitoring system that cares for the genetics (plants) and will alarm owners to concerns such as plagues, pests, and pets who may be inhibiting growth. High power lights will provide year round growing cycles indoors, garages or patios; and super dense liquid fertilizers will accelerate plant grow up to 6x.

Presentation Facebook

Upcoming: Harmonized Robotics Mfg.

Residential & Light Industry Robotics Parts & Accessories

Cybernetics is the industry of building cloud connected or distributed AI powered integrated electronic and mechanical called mechatronic or electrokinetic components. Harmonized Robotics intends to provide "robot recipies" (kits) & shopping lists of parts, connectors, along with pre-assembled machine fabricated electrokinetic sub-assemblies, with integrated cybernetic signal buses (~1.8-36volt). Our products whenever possible will be provided with 3d Printable sub-assemblies and cosmetic mounting options; together with open sourced design files with complete fullstack implementation documentation, data models and API's is the goal. We believe this approach will rapidly speed up robotic development for companies, schools and research all over the world.

Manufacturing at the moment non-existant cross-industry connector pieces and sub-assembly kits for intelligent low voltage robotics. Beyond GrowPotBot we intend to produce some-assembly-required kits for obvious products like MowLawnBot, SnowBlowBot, DogTrainBot what we call "residential service robotics". The kits will snap together and affordably demonstrate the advantages of the harmonized robotics manufacturing strategy. We will also be a leader in producing 100% eco-friendly recyclable robotics and packaging pieces that can be easily repaired or locally recovered. Our policy with robotic kits is that IF a customer doesn't like our products within 90 days we will take responsibility for selling the product (as used; final sale) on eBay to another person in the same area with a full warranty.

Active Project:

The CBD Isolate arbitrage was designed to bootstrap our sales organization processes, test phones and tooling. We plan to continue to use to recruit new sales people into our organization to quickly evaluate candidates based on professionalism and enthusiasm on a product with a very short sales-cycle. Giving EV a field of recruits "minor sales league" while they concurrently learn our internal protocols and have time to "pay their dues" and study concurrently while receiving a hands-on education in AI, cybernetics, robotics, and integrated manufacturing.

Industries like CBD have a variety of interesting opportunities for automation (because they have no legacy systems; they will adopt robotics earlier). We have setup a closed loop train "bot assisted" data acquisition; marketing and others; all calls and metrics are recorded with the intention to help our team B2BCBD is the global wholesale b2b supplier for CBD Isolate targeted at product integrations in the personal wellness, beauty and pet supplies worldwide. An experiment in building a global salesforce.

Our Services


Rapid prototype

Early fast-fail tests

Incrementally optimize

Retain data and metrics

Our Stack

C, C++, Node.Js full stack development.

AWS Cloud Microservices, Vue.js

Nativescript for IOS & Android Mobile Apps interfaces.

Agile-Extreme Development

1. Safety (cyber security, scalability) is top priority.

2. Develop Test Cases & Documentation

3. Create an amazing User Experience.


Mechantronic Design & Fabrication

Artificial Intelligence (ML, NLP, and GAN/Capsule "self training")

STM32, ESP32, Raspeberry PI, OrangePI, Arduino

Large 320x320x450mm 3d printer and 500x500x100mm CNC, drag knife & laser cutter

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